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Biotechnology: Science for the New Millennium, First Edition

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What You’ll Find Inside:


Laboratory Manual:

  • Teaches the tools and techniques of working independently or as a team member in a biotechnology facility
  • Provides comprehensive treatment of volume and mass measurements, solution and media preparation, cell culture, DNA isolation and analysis, protein isolation and analysis, assay development, recombinant DNA and transformations, scale-up, protein purification, quality control, DNA synthesis, PCR, and DNA sequencing
  • Focuses on the process, methods, and applications of biotechnology, including the math, biology, and chemistry needed to develop proficiency in designing experiments and in collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and applying the resulting data
  • Emphasizes the scientific method and laboratory safety procedures, including the responsibilities of recognizing and understanding hazardous materials, complex equipment, and the specific conditions of a facility in an effort to reduce the safety risks to zero
  • Emphasizes on-the-job thinking and problem solving through scenario activities that require students to summarize the results of experiments and trouble-shoot errors that may have led to variations in results or fallacious data